We help employees own their career development

Knowledge sharing is an important factor in helping your employees succeed.

Through LifeGyde’s web app, you’ll be able to allow your employees to help each other learn, this way, everyone is a teacher and a learner. Mentorship serves as career advancement and accelerates connectivity among employees.


Benefits for Your Company

Employees who mentor learn from others, develop and enhance on the job engagement skills while employees who are mentees can learn and grow in a safe environment.


Effectively Onboard New Hires

Shorten your onboarding process so that your employees can reach productivity faster


Knowledge & Skills Sharing

Share knowledge across the entire organization to allow your employees learn the necessary skills needed for various roles & responsibilities


Build Meaningful Relationships

Through 1:1 sessions, employees can build meaningful relationships with each other, which in turn raises retention and engagement

How it Works

Democratize access to knowledge-sharing by allowing your employees to share expertise among themselves and build community

Democratize Mentorship at Scale

Technology to develop & power your mentorship program, regardless of the size of your company or your needs


Fits into Existing Processes

Schedule mentorship sessions in-person or online, with integrations like Google calendar, Salesforce, and Slack


Personalized User Experience

Mentorship tailored to the user’s goals whether it be onboarding, reminders, or real-time coaching

Ready to Scale Peer Learning at Your Company?

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