The Answer to Your Hyper Growth Problems


LifeGyde is an Internal Events & Training Management Software for Enterprises

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Save Time and Automate Events Management

  • One Place to Discover All Events

  • Unlimited Self-Service Registration

  • Track Attendees and RSVPs

  • Recurring Event Templates

  • Fully Automated

    • Calendar Invites

    • Reminder Emails

    • Feedback Surveys

    • Waitlist Management


Eliminate Administrative Hassle

Are you constantly dealing with calendar invites, coordinating emails, and organizing spreadsheets?

We automate everything so you spend less time juggling administrative work and more time growing your team.


Integrations to Automate Your Workflow

We seamlessly integrate with apps such as Google Calendar, Workday and Slack, so that organizers will never have to deal with spreadsheets, calendar invites, and email reminders ever again.

Whichever Single Sign-on (SSO) system you use, we’ve got you. From Okta, OneLogin, Google, and LDAP to other OAuth2 and SAML solutions.

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Our solutions are best for:


Building Your Internal Learning Strategy

Are you still figuring out how to enable your teams to learn while your org grows? We’ll help you identify knowledge gaps, plan, and launch an internal university.



Automating Your Internal Learning Events

Tired of manually managing all of your internal learning opportunities? We specialize in scaling some of the world’s leading learning environments.