The Future of Work


LifeGyde is reinventing how we acquire skills for an exponentially changing world.

We train people to lead experiential workshops that democratize access to the skills most needed in the future.

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The Problem

Source: Gallup Poll 2014

Source: Gallup Poll 2014


For nearly 100 years, our education and curriculum has been shaped by what institutions test for. It isn’t working.


How will workforce skills change?

In the age of automation, schools will need to teach traits that machines can’t yet easily replicate, like creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, adaptability and collaboration—these are skills that will tap human potential and allow people to augment robots, rather than be replaced by them.

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Surviving Automation

For workers, employers and educators, the message is clear: social skills matter. Soft skills training is not only the key to surviving automation, but it also yields a 256% ROI for companies and lower turnover.


Innovation in delivering education

At LifeGyde, our high school and college partners are helping us develop a blended learning program that’s both effective and scalable. Students receive 30% of the value from online instruction and 70% of the value from in-person workshops hosted by our graduates from around the world.

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