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We imagine a world where everybody loves their work. LifeGyde helps companies engage their employees and create a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing through our platform.

Engineering onboarding. Peer-to-peer learning events. Book meetings with mentors company-wide.

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We Work with High-Growth Companies


For New Hires

On-boarding is almost nonexistent in departments that grow too quickly. After going through initial training, new employees are often assigned projects without proper guidance.

Employees can’t find the help they need from the right people which contribute to a tremendous loss in productivity, morale, and ultimately retention.


For Managers

Hiring a new employee is exciting. However, every new hire will have a skills gap which can be difficult to close.

After initial on-boarding, hires need to have access to the right people who can provide them with the knowledge they need instead of relying on managers to point them in the right direction.