Automating Your Internal Events

Tired of manually managing all of your internal learning opportunities?
We specialize in scaling some of the world’s leading learning environments.


A Fully Automated & Self-Service
Events Management Platform

Our web app helps manage and track all your internal learning opportunities like onboarding tracks, instructor-led trainings, webinars, tech talks, and meetups, all in one place.


Calendar Invites

We fully integrate with Google Calendar and Outlook to provide a seamless experience. Event registrations on our platform are automatically translated to invites with the right time, location, people, and calendar.

Changes will be immediately applied so that you will never have to juggle thousands of invites and multiple calendars at the same time again.


Email & Notifications

In addition to sending you calendar invites, your people will not have to spend any time on tracking their events and classes anymore as our platform will notify them via email and Slack both before and after events.


Automated Surveys

To ensure the highest quality, you can automatically survey attendees and organizers to create a representative NPS that will track your success. Your people will be automatically reminded after each event and you can export and analyze the data with a couple of simple clicks.


Reporting & Analytics

Did you successfully establish your internal events and communications strategy? Then it is time to track and analyze the outcome and optimize for the best experience.

Generate reports and export data easily with our admin dashboard. We track all attendances, RSVPs, waitlists, feedback ratings, and much more.



Building Your
Learning Strategy

 Are you still figuring out how to enable your teams to learn while your org grows?
We’ll help you identify knowledge gaps, plan, and launch an internal university.

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In-Depth Analysis of Your Org

First, we work with you to collect data from top-down leadership and bottom-up peers to learn about the specific roadblocks your team, department, and organization is facing.


Tailored Solution for Your Needs

Next, we identify the top 20% knowledge gaps that create 80% of the challenges your organization faces and map those skill gaps onto learning paths.

We’ll look at what existing tools and workflows you already use to come up with a scalable internal learning strategy.


Launch Events & Onboarding Tracks

Our goal is not just to create a university but to also enable you to run and manage it. We’re setting you up for long-term success by training your people and providing them with an easy-to-use and scalable platform.


Measure Success Continuously

Your engineers will vote with their time—measure, track, and generate reports with one click on how many events are being hosted, the number of attendees, hours spent, and much more.

Additionally, we’ll send automatic, customizable NPS feedback surveys after all events to ensure the best learning experience.